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Course: Pony [A1.1] (English)

Discover inlingua’s language programs for kids, designed to make language learning natural, fast, and fun – all without any pressure. These programs empower children to prepare for a brighter future. inlingua offers four engaging language programs: DOTS, Bubbles, Junior, and Go World, tailored for ages 1 to 14. Our vibrant and enjoyable environment provides an exceptional opportunity for children to master new languages. Classes are grouped by age, ensuring interaction with peers and a comfortable learning experience.

Children’s Course

Learning in these small groups includes fun games, catchy songs, and entertaining rhymes. The language training is always age-appropriate and encompasses various concepts and vocabulary tailored for children. Each course gradually enhances proficiency, focusing on communication and interaction.

The classes are led by qualified professional language teachers with specialized pedagogical training. These reliable and experienced native speakers ensure that children have fun while improving their language skills!

• Price per lesson: CHF 25. –
• One-time registration fee for first-time registration: CHF 50. –
• Information: Prices are per person
• Each lesson lasts 40 minutes without a break
• Installment payment possible in 3, 6, or 12 installments
• Cancellation cost insurance possible

Course information

Location Bern, Genfergasse 3+5 [directly next to the station]
Course name Pony [A1.1]
Language English
Content Children’s Course
Start date Anytime
Course day(s) Saturday 11:00 – 12:00
Lessons 1 x 60 min. / week
Duration 15 weeks
Participants 3 – max. 5 people
Price CHF 506.25

Course levels

Level A1: Can understand and use familiar everyday expressions and very simple phrases aimed at the satisfaction of concrete needs. Can introduce him/herself and others and ask questions about personal details such as where he/she lives, people he/she knows and things he/she has, and can respond to such questions. Can communicate in a simple way if the other person speaks slowly and clearly and is willing to help.