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Course: Orléans [C1.1] (French)

Enroll in our globally-recognized diploma courses to master essential exam techniques, ensuring optimal results. Our comprehensive curriculum covers every aspect of the examination, providing strategic insights for peak performance. Delve into practical training with key phrases and idioms, significantly enhancing your proficiency for the oral and written segments. Regular simulations of real-life exam situations bolster your reading and listening comprehension skills. Benefit from our authentic task-based approach for unparalleled exam preparedness. Boost your educational journey with our top-tier exam strategy and preparation courses.


Prepare for success in your DALF C1 examination with our comprehensive preparation course. Designed specifically to address the demanding standards of the DALF C1 level, our course offers in-depth training across all key competency areas – speaking, listening, reading, and writing in French. Through our well-structured curriculum, you will explore sophisticated language constructs, engage in high-level discussions, analyze complex French texts, and perfect your written communication. Regular practice with real-life DALF C1 exam situations ensures you are well-versed with the examination pattern, enhancing your test-taking confidence. Get familiar with intricate French idioms and expressions integral to achieving a high score in the DALF C1. With our preparation course, mastering the DALF C1 becomes an achievable goal, paving your way to advanced French proficiency.

• Cost per Lesson: CHF 50. –
• One-time Registration Fee: A one-time registration fee of CHF 50.– is applicable for first-time enrolments
• Prices per Person: Our prices are individually calculated per person
• Lesson Duration: Each lesson lasts 60 minutes without break
• Installment Payment: Enjoy our flexible installment payment options in 3, 6, or 12 payments
• Cancellation Cost Insurance: Optional cancellation cost insurance is available

Course information

Location Bern, Genfergasse 3+5 [directly next to the station]
Course name Orléans [C1.1]
Language French
Content DALF C1
Start date 6. September 2023
Course day(s) Wednesday 18:00 – 19:00
Lessons 1 x 60 min. / week
Duration 40 weeks
Participants 2 – max. 5 people
Price CHF 2000

Course levels

Level C1/1: