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Course: Jena [A1.1] (German)

Learning in our FLEX course is characterized by a high level of personal activity. The focus is on speaking the foreign language. Alternating social forms (partners, group and individual work), varied tasks, many communicative exercises, and a motivating classroom atmosphere ensure a positive learning experience and effective learning. What you learn will help you master both professional and private situations.

General Language

In this interactive course, you’ll learn essential language skills such as introducing yourself, providing information about your origin, nationality, place of living and work, and much more. You’ll acquire a basic vocabulary in areas such as home, family, and transportation, and practice expressing measurements and weights as well as asking and answering questions about the time.

In the next phase, you’ll learn to describe times of the day, weekdays, months, and seasons, and talk about the weather. You’ll be able to discuss your leisure activities and clearly express your needs and answer questions when shopping or dining at a restaurant.

In the final part of the course, you’ll refine your language skills for travel, hotel stays, phone calls, and doctor’s visits. You’ll learn to express your needs through requests or demands and talk about past actions and events. Furthermore, you’ll learn to form sentences with “”if”” or “”because””, and you’ll be able to describe your daily routine and simply discuss your abilities, duties, desires, and preferences.

• Cost per Lesson: Only CHF 25. –
• One-time Registration Fee: A one-time registration fee of CHF 50.– is applicable for first-time enrolments
• Prices per Person: Our prices are individually calculated per person
• Lesson Duration: Each lesson lasts 40 minutes without break
• Installment Payment: Enjoy our flexible installment payment options in 3, 6, or 12 payments
• Cancellation Cost Insurance: Optional cancellation cost insurance is available

Course information

Location Bern
Course name Jena [A1.1]
Language German
Content General Language
Start date Anytime
Course day(s) Thur 18.00-19.20
Duration 18
Participants 3 – max. 7
Price CHF 900

Course levels

Level A1: Can understand and use familiar everyday expressions and very simple phrases aimed at the satisfaction of concrete needs. Can introduce him/herself and others and ask questions about personal details such as where he/she lives, people he/she knows and things he/she has, and can respond to such questions. Can communicate in a simple way if the other person speaks slowly and clearly and is willing to help.