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Course: Bremerhaven [C1.1] (German)

This course offers you the opportunity to deepen your grammar and spelling skills or to improve your professional writing skills.


Building on your existing knowledge, this course uses varied exercises to expand your vocabulary and expressive skills in various subject areas, such as work, culture, housing, history and politics, traffic, human beings, emotions or colloquial expressions.
You will learn to understand a wide range of demanding, longer texts and also to grasp implicit meanings, to express yourself spontaneously and fluently, and to express yourself clearly, structured and in detail on complex subjects.

• Cost per lesson CHF 25.-
• One-time registration fee for initial registration CHF 50.-
• Prices are per person
• One lesson lasts 40 minutes without a break
• Payment in installments is possible in 3, 6 or 12 installments
• Cancellation insurance possible

Course information

Location Virtual Classroom
Course name Bremerhaven [C1.1]
Language German
Content Grammar/Writing
Start date Anytime
Course day(s) Monday 18:45 – 19:45
Lessons 1 x 60 min / week
Duration 15 weeks
Participants 3 – max. 5 people
Price CHF 562.5

Course levels

Level C1: Peut comprendre une grande variété de textes longs et exigeants, y compris des significations implicites. Peut s’exprimer spontanément et couramment sans trop devoir chercher ses mots. Peut utiliser la langue de façon efficace et souple dans la vie sociale et professionnelle ou dans la formation et les études. Peut s’exprimer de façon claire, structurée et détaillée sur des sujets complexes en utilisant de façon appropriée différents moyens de liaison entre les textes.