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Building blocks

Bern speaks inlingua

inlingua’s steps to your success

Our many years of experience in the area of company trainings in English, German, French, Spanish and Italian work to your advantage. Numerous SMEs, corporations and also public offices in and around Bern trust inlingua Bern.

4 building blocks of the inlingua approach:

Personal Consultation

Our Study Consultant or our Pedagogical Manager will have an individual conversation with you, in order to analyse your needs and discuss course content, duration and learning goals. There is no one-size-fits-all program: every company course is developed individually and in close cooperation with our client – since every company as unique.

Qualfied Trainers

A part of every training’s success is influenced by participants’ well-being, motivation and also by the training materials. However, the greater part depends on our trainers: their linguistic, pedagogical and didactic expertise, as well as their human qualities are our key success factors.

The inlingua Method

We learn languages best by using them in direct interaction with other people. Therefore, a key element of the inlingua method is we use the target language only during classes. The inlingua method builds on several decades of experience and is still continuously improved. Our trainers are well-trained in the universal inlingua method, always using a practical, lively and interactive approach rather than dry theory.

The inlingua materials

There are various programmes and training materials, exclusively developed by inlingua to support the inlingua method across the entire global inlingua network. Both, the general-purpose programmes as well as the professional ones are up-to-date and cover many different topics.

4 Bausteine der inlingua-Methodik:

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